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Steve Bjork

With more than 40 years of experience as a Computer Engineer, Steve Bjork has developed over 500 products ranging from designing personal computers to arcade games. His skill set also includes carpentry and set design for the movie studios and live productions. His entertainment background ranges from stage magician to Technical Director on live productions. Over the years , Steve has turned his passion for Halloween into a line of prop controllers and haunt devices.

Steve Koci

Steve Koci, aka Halstaff on the forums and YouTube, possesses a passion for designing and building Halloween animatronic props. He participates in several different Make and Take groups and is a moderator at Haunt Forum and Garage of Evil.

He and his wife began haunting 5 years ago and put on the haunt Sanctuary of Spooks in San Diego which is entirely staffed by animatronics. They’ve built and costumed all their props and focus on a “Spooky” theme without blood and gore. They used over 40 animatronics and projections in the haunt last year and have plans to add more in the coming year.

In addition to building all of their props, Steve also designs and builds most of the controllers that operate the haunt. The wide variety of different animated props require a selection of specialized controllers and programs which have all been designed to fit the specific requirements of each prop.

In 2013 they were proud to be selected as “Best International Home Haunt” in the Canadian Haunters Association Home Haunters Awards and were chosen for the “Best Motor Prop” for their Pete the Pirate prop in the Haunters Video Awards and the Dead With Dave Home Haunters Awards.

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