What you should know before purchasing our products:

Each of our PC board kit are just that, PC board.  We do include a small number of hard to find parts to make it easier to order the parts need to build the projects.

Before purchasing, please download and read of the Parts List and build document for your kit.  The document will clearly outline the parts you will need to order to build your project.  The document will also include the step by step on how to build the project.

One skill you will need is soldering.  While our projects use simple “through hole” soldering, they are not for the first builders.  (Some prior soldering experience is need.)  Please take you time and follow the directions closely.

Please note:

·        All project kits are sold without warranty.

·        We do not offer one-on-one support services.

·        No unauthorized shipments will be returned.

·        U.S. orders Only. No international orders at this time.

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Banshee PC board kit (Version 4) $32.00 + shipping
Wee Little Talker PC board $21.00 + shipping
Banshee Jr. PC board $25.00 + shipping
Mighty Tiny Audio Player. PC board $18.00 + shipping
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