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About Hot Picks
There is a lot of good stuff that can make your haunt great. True, out boards and project are part of it. But there is so much more we have found.

Hot pick are products that we tested and are using in our own haunts. We hope that you find this resource helpful in getting the stuff you need to build a fantastic haunt.


Click here to find the projector on Amazon.com
The VVME-HTPED-V61 Projector is a HD (720P) with a native resolution of 1280 x 800. It use a LED light source that produces 2,800 lumens of brightness and will last 20,000 hours. (Never need replacing.)

Some of the key features are...
* Built in media player via USB thumb drives.
* Two HDMI inputs, with VGA, AV and Y/Pub/PR inputs too.
* Will down scale 1080P content to its native resolution.

For a $200 class projector, this guy did a great job projecting a 110 inch rear screen image in my haunt. The image bright and clear even with all the effects light going on like Lightning. A few even said the image look too good and I will need to add a bit of see through black gauze to dull the projection.

As with any projector in this price range, there are a few drawbacks. The fan is always running and makes a bit of noise. Bit too loud for a home theater use, but works well in a haunt all the sound effects and music playing.

There is no zoom. The only way to change the image size is to move the projector. Most projectors are placed at the height of the top or bottom of the screen. This guy wants to put in the middle of the screen or you have to do a lot keystone adjusting. Since my haunt used rear screens, this was not a problem.

There are better Full HD projectors out there. But most are two or three times the price. This is a nice, low cost unit that I have plans for throughout the year.

It should be note that when I got first projector it was $180. A month later when I bought another one, the price was $190. At the time of this posting, it was running about $220. The price can very based on the demand, like most items on Amazon.

Please read the reviews on Amazon to see if this projector is for you.

Small 12 Volt Amplifier

Click here to find the amplifier on Amazon.com
This little Kinter 12V Mini Digital Audio Power Amplifier is a very handy device. Just hook up speakers and clean 12 Volt power source of 4 amps and you can hear the prop or sound effect over the background sounds.

I've used this amplifier with outdoor speakers to give the ghosts in the upstairs window a loud and undistorted voice.

While the amplifier runs on safe 12 Volts, it should still be installed covered from rain and away from your guest. (It's not waterproof.)

Since this price is under $10, it does not come with a 12 volt power supply.

If you are looking for an amplifier that will fill a small room or project a voice of a prop, you won't go wrong with this little guy.

Small 12 Volt Amplifier with bass

Click here to find the amplifier on Amazon.com
Need a little extra bass to turn a prop's purr into into a roar? For another $5, this amplifier adds a third speaker connection for a sub-woofer to really bring out the bass.

Like the other small amplifier, it runs on just about any clean 12 Volt power source of 4 amps or more. (Not included.)

This little amplifier that's easy to hide in your haunt. While it sounds good and loud for a prop or small room, this is not going to replace your big old $400 amplifier that fulls your whole haunt with sound.

Dual LU43PB 3-way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Black)

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Pair of multipurpose indoor/outdoor speakers in black for permanent or temporary outdoor use with 50 watts of RMS power, with 100 watts of peak power.

It has three internal speakers, woofer, midrange and Tweeter for good sound for both indoor & outdoor use. Overall size is 8.25 x 5.25 x 5.25 inches and come in black and optional white.

These speakers do a good job fill a room or project a voice of a prop. Not bad for about $30 a set of two.

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