End of line for Frankenstein
All good projects must end and this is true for Frankenstein. While Steve Koci still have a few replacement PC board for this project, there are a number of issues that forced its retirement.

First, Banshee Jr. does a better job with the 3-axis skull without the need of all those adjustments. The final blow came from MDfly.com dropping the sound player modules used by the project.

If you need a replacement for Frankenstein, Banshee Banshee Jr. or Wee Little Talker should fill your needs.

New Frankenstein Driver software is out.

Get the new driver here!
The long waited 9.3.0 upgrade to the Frankenstein driver software is now available for download. Beside bug fixes, some of the new features in version 9.3.0 are ...

* Ambient Sound tracks playing between talking tracks.
* User adjustable volume level.
* Setup Option to aide in adjusting the Jaw Servo.
* Servo setup will speak the servo position number.
* And much more.

There are now 100 voice prompts to aid in testing, setup and running of the board for a complete user friendly interface.

The new driver can be found in the Frankenstein menu item of the Projects section of this website. Once there, click on the Software menu item.

Frankenstein Talking 3 axis skull controller
I finally have a working design for a stand alone, talking, 3 axis skull controller all on a single board. This project is what sparked my interest in learning how to design and build boards to animate my haunt. It's been quite a journey (I guess I'm a slow learner) but I'm happy with the result.

How to build your own Frankenstein Controller.

Download the Frankenstein version 9 build manual
So you want your own Frankenstein 3-Axis Controller? Are you ready to buy the parts, solder it up and load the supplied software? That's right, like all our projects, this is a DIY job.

Before you buy anything, please download from the above link the build document (PDF) and see if the project is for you and your skill set.

If you are up to the challenge, you can order the PC board from Steve Koci for about $18 and that includes domestic shipping. You can email him via his contact above and don't forget to include your address so he can adjust the shipping based on your location.

Remember this project, PC board and software are sold or given away without warranties since they are DIY. It's up to you to build, program and test this project on your own.

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