New Frankenstein Driver software

Download Driver software, documentation and SDcard files (Version 9.3.0)
Beside bug fixes, some of the new features in version 9.3.0 are ...

* Ambient Sound tracks to play between talking tracks.
* User adjustable volume level.
* Setup Option to aide in adjust the Jaw Servo.
* Servo setup will speak the servo position number.
* And much more.

After building the Frankenstein Talking 3-axes skull controller board, you are going need software and audio files to make it work. Click on the above link to download the files used to bring your project to life.

The software is Creative Commons License and is free to use. (See license for restriction.) Program your board using this software via the Picaxe programming tool.

The other step is to use SD-card folders from the downloaded zip file. The PDF file includes directions on how to setup and use the controller board and how to build your SD-Card.

There is a handy software tools that can help create your SD-Card called Reorganize-2.3.

You can find reorganize-2.3.exe at this [link]

There is also a Frankenstein 9.3.1 zip file with an image file for creating a SD-card with the files already sorted. The option is your for how you want to place the files on the SD-card.

Click this [link] to download this version with the image file.

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