Banshee Jr.

New for the 2018 Haunt season is our Banshee Jr, a 3-axis head controller. This is a cost reduced version of our Banshee Super Prop controller with only the parts need to run our 3-axis program with automatic speech to mouth movement technology.

This reduction cut the size of the PC board down by 30% and lowered the overall cost by 40%. We were also able to remove the specially components that required order from more expensive supply houses.

The Banshee Jr replaced the Picaxe 40X2 with a lower cost 20X2 controller. Since it designed to only control one head, we’ve dropped the number of servo ports from eight to four. There is a fifth port that is used for a Trigger input port. (It can be used for an optional fifth Servo port.)

We also addressed the power system too. In place of the multiple power supplies, the same 5 Volt power supply is used to run the main circuit and drive the servos. The only other power supply is for optional LED show lights and can be any value from 5 to 30 Volts.

Overall the new Banshee Jr is lower in price, faster to build and easier to hide in your props.
It also has input for a trigger like a PIR and LED driver outputs for glowing eyes or other effects.

Banshee Jr. Parts and Build Information Guide
The first step is to review the " Banshee Jr. Parts and Build Information Guide" found in the "Manuals" section under "Downloads". (Scroll up to see the menu to far left.)

The PC board kit includes one MSGEQ7 Audio Spectrum Analyzer chip, DFplayer Mini Audio Player and 3 Color push Button Caps.

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