Banshee! Super Prop Controller

Steve Bjork has been working hard on the new controller software for the new Super Haunt Controller and will be out for the 2016 Haunt Season.

Banshee! is a "all in one" PC board with all the components needed to run any of our older projects with many improvements plus a few new ones too.

One improvement is the use of the Picaxe 40x2 controller chip. While still using the basic Picaxe architecture, it has 8 times the code space, twice the General Purpose Variables and many more I/O pins. Picaxe 40X2 will be running at 32 MHz that is 2 to 8 times faster than other projects in the past.

Other improvements are a Real Time Clock, 8 Servo Outputs, two Optical Protected inputs, up to 1 Megabit EEPROM and 4 MOSFET drivers. There is an option to drive even more Servos and MOSFET drivers via a low cost (Under $10) 16 channel driver board.

This one board will run the new 3-Axis skull with Jaw-Sync and many other free programs for your Haunting needs.

Please see "You want to build your own Banshee?" further down the page for information on how to get the PC Board "Kit".

Banshee Block Diagram

(Click image to enlarge.)

This Block Diagram show why we call Banshee! the super prop controller. Starting off the with the powerful Picaxe 40X2 running at a blazing 32 MHz. Next up are two trigger inputs that Optical Protected. Each trigger also has 5 Volt power from driving PIRs and other detectors.

There are four high power MOSFET driver outputs for control anything LED lights to solenoids to relays. Two the outputs have pulse width modulation (PWM) for Dimming the LEDs.

For talking to Servos or other devices, there are eight Input/Output channels to control just about anything. The Expansion Port is a three I/O channel port for talking an extra MP-3 player, OLED display, 8 switch programming board to name a few.

If you need more servo channels, there is an option to add PCA9685 16 channel servo driver expansion board that runs under $10.

Other chips on the board like the Real Time Clock keeps track of the time and date even when the board is off. Another low cost chip is a 512K bit (64K Byte) EEPROM for record and playing servo other position or control data.

Banshee! has a standard MP-3 player with Stereo output under the control of the Picaxe 40X2. So your code can know what sounds are being played, there are two Audio Spectrum Analyzer (one for each audio channel) feeding back their data to the Picaxe. Getting servos to lip-sync has never been so easy.

The Theory of Operation for manual for Banshee is at this [link]

You want to build your own Banshee?

The first step is to review the "Banshee Parts and Build Information Guide" found in the manuals section under Downloads. (Scroll up to see the menu to far left.)

The PC board kit includes 2 MSGEQ7 Audio Spectrum Analyzer chips, a DFplayer Mini audio module and the 5 color push button caps.

To save cost, Haunt Hackers does not offer any “one-on-one” support services or repairs for any of their DIY projects. All PC boards are sold without warranty. Any unauthorized shipment of boards and other items to Haunt Hackers will not be returned. We do have a helpful group of supporters on our Facebook page ( that could give you a hand.

After you read all the documentation and agree with the restrictions, please use the "Order" menu item to select the products to purchase. (Scroll up to see the menu to far left.)

Planned projects

The main hardware design for Banshee is over and the Version 3.1 boards are being shipped. Now starts the coding for the first projects to use this Super Prop Controller board. The planned projects are...

1) 3-Axis Skull with Jaw-sync. The first release of this program can be found on the Download/Software page. (An improved Frankenstein with variable Jaw action.)

2) Dual 3-Axis Skulls - Like the regular 3-Axis Skull, but will drive dual head movements and lip-sync.

2) Thor - This Lighting and Thunder programing with option to use the Real Time clock On/Off show control.

3) Four Channel Color Organ - A Singing Pumpkin Patch Choir can be created by sampling the Baritone (male) and Mezzo-soprano (female) on each of the Stereo channels. Each of the four MOSFET output channels will drive LEDs in the Pumpkin Choir.

5) Four Channel Button Banger - Show or prop programmer using 4 buttons to program and the 4 MOSFETs as the outputs. A total of 8 shows with a maximum of 13 minutes each.

As always, the software will be released under the Creative Commons License and at no charge to our DIY users.

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