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White Paper on the AU-5017
The Tenda MP-3 module (TDB380) was the "go-to" audio media player for many in the haunt community. With its low cost and being fairly simple to use is why it was in so many projects by both Steve Koic and myself. But it does have few issues and why we were looking for a replacement. I was even designing my own MP-3 player board for our future projects.

In January of 2016, announced AU-5017 MP-3/Wave formats audio media player. At about 1/2 the cost of the Tenda module, it had just about everything I was designing in my own audio media player. Best of all, none of the issues that plagued the Tenda module.

Switching over to this new media player did delay the new projects, bit was well worth it. For greater flexibility, it uses both MicroSD and newer MicroSDHC cards. AU-5017 also improves sound quality using both MP-3 and the lossless Wave formats and making 5.1 surround sound possible.

The AU-5017 has full bidirectional communication with the controller. Besides the track playing “Busy” line, the media player can respond with information like the number of tracks on the Micro SD-Card and their playing time.

Installation is done by installing three set of pin headers on the underside of the of the module with three matching sockets on the PC board. Using “stackable” style sockets will clear the real estate under the AU5017 for components has high as socketed Integrated Circuits.

I’ve created an Eagle Cad Library file for mounting AU-5017 and it can be found at this [link]

If you like to read up on AU5017, please see the "White Paper" at this [link]

Steve Bjork

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